Managing Director of Sauber Environmental Solutions Private Limited

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Mishra, as the Managing Director of Sauber Environmental Solutions Private Limited headquartered in Ahmedabad, boasts a rich professional experience of over 27 years. His steadfast dedication has been pivotal in shaping the water industry, with a primary focus on water and wastewater management and promoting environmental sustainability.

Throughout his career, Mr. Mishra has been a stalwart advocate for sustainable practices, notably emphasizing the viable reuse of wastewater. His approach leverages cutting-edge technologies and efficient methodologies in wastewater treatment, facilitating successful water resource recovery and reclamation. His active advocacy extends to championing advanced technologies tailored for both municipal and industrial use, striving to ensure the provision of cost-effective solutions in water and wastewater treatment.

Over the span of his 27-year career, Mr. Mishra has overseen the successful execution of over 150 projects. These projects encompass diverse areas such as water treatment, wastewater treatment, recycling of sewage water, establishment of common effluent treatment plants, and the construction of cross-country pipelines. His visionary leadership and expertise have significantly contributed to advancements in environmental management and the effective utilization of water resources.”

Mrs. Sunita Mishra holds the esteemed position of Director at Sauber Environmental Solutions Private Limited, headquartered in Ahmedabad, with a robust professional experience spanning over two decades. Her career has been defined by an unwavering commitment to the water industry, focusing extensively on water and wastewater management and advocating for environmental sustainability.

Over the course of her illustrious career, Mrs. Mishra has dedicated herself to pioneering advancements in the water industry, particularly emphasizing the design and engineering of cost-effective water and wastewater treatment plants. Her expertise lies in championing environmentally conscious practices, promoting sustainable methodologies for wastewater reuse and recovery, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies for efficient wastewater treatment. Mrs. Mishra’s active advocacy extends to the forefront of promoting advanced technologies tailored to suit the needs of municipalities and industries, ensuring the availability of affordable water and wastewater treatment solutions.

Her contributions have significantly shaped the landscape of the water industry, emphasizing the importance of environmentally friendly practices and innovative technologies. Mrs. Mishra’s visionary leadership and commitment to environmental sustainability have been instrumental in driving the industry towards a more sustainable and affordable future.”


Director of Sauber Environmental Solutions Private Limited