Sauber stands as a multi-disciplinary engineering, procurement & construction (EPC), and consultancy firm specializing in water and wastewater management, committed to delivering sustainable and cost-effective solutions.


  • Team Expertise: Our strength lies in a team of highly experienced professionals specializing in water and wastewater systems for both municipal and industrial segments, including expertise in wastewater reuse and recycle solutions. We leverage this expertise to provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions employing both conventional and advanced technologies.
  • Design and Build Capabilities: We excel in the design and construction of Water & wastewater projects on a turnkey basis, catering to the specific needs of urban and rural segments.
  • In-House Design & Engineering: With robust in-house design and engineering capabilities, we ensure the optimal planning and execution of projects.
  • Technology Selection: Our capability to select the most cost-effective technology for specific process needs sets us apart, enhancing the efficiency of our solutions.
  • Process Engineering Expertise: Our profound knowledge in process engineering and technology enables us to tackle the treatment of complex nature wastewater effectively.
  • Research & Development: We conduct Treatability studies, including the setup of pilot plants, as part of our Research & Development initiatives.
  • Project Management Services: Backed by a proficient team of engineers and designers, we offer comprehensive project management services ensuring successful execution.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge: Our expertise includes the establishment of Zero Liquid Discharge plants, facilitating efficient Recycle & Reuse systems.
  • Feasibility Reports and Project Documentation: We specialize in the preparation of feasibility reports, Detailed Project Reports (DPR), cost estimations, tender documents, and more for water and wastewater projects.
  • Operation & Maintenance: We provide operation and maintenance services ensuring the continuous efficiency of water and wastewater systems.”