The MBBR process is based on the bio film attachment on fluidized media and utilizes the advantages of activated sludge and other biofilm systems without being restrained by their disadvantages. The basis of this process is the biofilm carrier elements that are made from polyethylene/HDPE/suitable plastics. The plastic elements provide a large surface area for the biofilm attachment and optimal conditions for the bacteria culture to grow and thrive. The bacterial cultures digest the soluble organics, gradually grow and detach from the media.

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor is an aerobic attached biological growth process. It does not require sludge recirculation. Raw wastewater, after screening and de-gritting & primary Clarification (optional), is fed to the biological reactor. In the reactor, floating plastic media is provided which remains in suspension. Biological mass is generated on the surface of the media. Attached biological mass consumes organic matter for their metabolism. Excess biological mass leaves the surface of media and it is settled in clarifier.

  • Moderate reduction in BOD/COD
  • Partial removal of colour
  • Moderate foot print required.
  • Retrofitting can be done easily on an existing plant to enhance capacity & performance.
  • Capable to withstand shock loads